The Powerful Systems of Franchising

Franchising may feel like a daunting prospect when considering the future of your business. There is often a fair amount of trepidation at the mere thought of sacrificing creative and decision-making freedom by having to conform to standards and procedures associated with being part of a franchise. These ‘sacrifices’, however, come with their own set of advantages as well.

Franchisors offer a list of services that are specifically catered to implementing ongoing support and advice structures to assist franchisees along the way. This is done to ensure that every avenue to success is open and unobstructed, with any potential stumbling blocks removed from the equation.

Franchising support

The types of support you receive from a franchisor will vary according to the franchise agreement, but there are certain aspects you should expect in terms of support services. These can be broadly summarised by looking at the various services that Infinity Brands offers to its franchisees.


You should expect training on the main aspects of the business. Both ACDC Express and Titan Electrical franchises do not require previous experience as a business owner, and Infinity Brands will provide you with the necessary business training. Any preexisting knowledge and experience are, of course, always beneficial in the long run. This training process is not just for the business owner and can be used for the onboarding process of any new staff that joins your business.

Site selection:

The adage of ‘Location! Location! Location!’ exists for a reason. Like most franchisors, Infinity Brands provides you with site selection advice when you buy one of our franchises because we know that placement is vital to the success of every business. Our development team are constantly evaluating locations for new franchises and analysing new shopping centres and developments to find the perfect spot for a business.

Marketing and Graphics:

As a rule of thumb, all franchisees are required to contribute to their marketing funds. In return, franchisors should provide a fully-comprehensive marketing plan. This document details brand building and promotional campaigns, as well as examples of marketing collateral, previous campaigns and franchise-specific branding, stationery and more. Franchisors are also responsible for guidance in terms of local and regional marketing initiatives. Infinity Brands has dedicated in-house marketing, graphics and videography teams that provide comprehensive, high-quality marketing and promotional materials, catered to each franchisee’s specific needs.

Ongoing head office support:

The onus of providing up-to-date operations and brand manuals resides with the franchisor. Infinity Brands provides all prospective and existing franchisees with detailed brand manuals and materials about the franchise processes and procedures. Infinity Brands also provides IT and technical support relating to existing systems and general IT infrastructure. This includes training on all the systems utilised by our franchisees. Franchisors are equipped to provide specialised support personnel from head office. Liaising with the Infinity Brands franchise service consultants will alleviate any concerns franchisees might have about marketing, technology and IT, and requisite training. We also provide financial analyses and profitability consultations, as well as HR support.

Franchising seems to be the trajectory for businesses in the current South African market economy. At Infinity Brands, we motivate our franchisees to succeed and aid them in their every endeavour. If you would like to find out more about franchising with Infinity Brands, call us on 010 020 7721, email [email protected], or visit us online and our friendly franchise service consultant will be happy to answer any questions you may have.