Infinity Brands can take your successful business and develop it into a scalable franchise system.​

Infinity Brands assists you when you’re looking to expand your existing businesses and grow or further develop your store footprint. Infinity Brands lends its expertise and wealth of experience to managing your existing business, should you wish to convert to a franchise under our umbrella.

Our commitment to our clients is a long-term one. We are dedicated to providing you and your business with the highest quality services, and strive for excellence in what we do. With our team of dynamic and dedicated professionals, your partnership with us would result in a mutually beneficial relationship which would see the potential growth of both organisations.

Our Services

We offer in-house solutions catered to your every need. We offer expert knowledge in the franchise management and development field, and a trained team of professionals to assist you.

Our service portfolio is centred on a comprehensive and thorough business needs analysis. Since franchising requires dedication and should always be seen as a path towards business expansion rather than a cure for an ailing business, we guide you every step of the way towards the impactful realisation of your business and personal goals.

Strategic Services

We work alongside you to develop the best possible post-sales services and tracking methodologies catered to your business.

  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic Scorecard
  • KPI Development
  • Performance Measure Reporting

Legal Services

Our expert legal team takes the lead in eliminating any confusion and ambiguity..

  • Operations Manuals
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Registrations
  • Other Legal Services

Training Services

Our training and development department synergises with you to ensure that both you and your employees receive training which is not only the best there is to offer, but also specifically tailored to you and your business.

  • General Management Training
  • Brand Specific Training

Marketing Services

All marketing for your franchise is conducted by our in-house team and designed with strict adherence to the corporate identity of your franchise.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Graphic Design And Printing
  • Analytics/Monitoring

Strategic Live Monthly Data Reporting

We supply live data reports and monitoring so you always know your business standing. 

  • Live Sales Data
  • Customer Breakdown
  • Advertising Breakdown
  • Group Overview

Franchisor Operational Services

Our core competencies in this field ensure the smooth operational functions of your business by closely aligning your individual needs with that of your community’s.

  • Managing Franchise Relationship
  • Compliance To Systems Requirements
  • Field Service Consultant
  • Sourcing Of Products, Services, Supplies And Equipment
  • Pricing Structure
  • Performance Measure Reporting

Financial Services

From conception to sustainability, our financial service offerings decrease all possible pain points for your business.

  • Franchise Account Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Advisory Services

Franchise Consulting

Our franchise sales team has a holistic approach to lead generation and sales strategies that work as a cohesive whole to benefit you. They’ll assist in the selling of franchises through:

  • Franchise Sales Strategy And Implementation
  • Franchise Lead Generation And Conversion

Procurement Services

By offering this service, we ensure the best price for your products, benefitting your bottom line.

  • Franchise Procurement Portal

HR Services

Our in-house human resources department prides themselves on finding suitable candidates to meet your business needs. We assist in improving culture and securing top talent for your organisation.

  • Secure Top Talent
  • Improve Employee Retention

IT Services

Our in-house IT department offers a variety of live services for streamlined processes.

  • User Account Management
  • Network and Connectivity Report
  • IT Inventory Management
  • IT Project Management 
  • Help Desk Support
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance
  • Zoho Product Discovery Process
  • Zoho Implementations
  • Ongoing IT Support