Rewarding Relationships are a Sum of Efforts in Business

Relationships don’t succeed without effort, and are a great example of ‘input equals output’.  The relationship with your business is no different, but the rewards can extend further than the emotional benefits. Financial stability and community enrichment are unique benefits of your relationship with your business

That relationship, however, is one that should permeate and extend to every aspect of your life. At Infinity Brands, we believe in living R.I.C.H. This means showing Respect, having Integrity, maintaining a Customer focus, and Having fun in the process. Vital qualities in any relationship, really, but we use this code of values to drive business decisions and interactions.  

The Value of Respect

Respect is about treating others the way you would treat yourself. In this way, we hope that others will treat us with the same respect. Examples of respecting others include listening to understand what someone is saying, rather than listening for a chance to override the conversation or have your say. Responding timeously to communications, and responding in a calm, positive manner.

The Value of Trust

When opting to buy into a franchise, you are trusting a tried and tested process and approach to business. You’re trusting a proven method and the skills of founding members who have years of experience and high levels of expertise. Respect is the result of a relationship founded on trust.

Respect cannot exist in isolation, however, and is very much a ‘currency’ to be earned and worked for. Both franchisors and franchisees are held accountable and integrity lies at the core of the relationship.  The potential for reward and fulfilment from this relationship is endless.

We strive to communicate openly and with purpose, to only make agreements we are willing, able, and intend to keep. This includes communicating about potentially broken agreements, as well as asking for clarity.

The Value of Customer Focus

Every interaction with our customers, both internal and external, is done with the core idea of maximising customer loyalty. By understanding the needs of a customer and their situation, we can work to offer them something that is beneficial and makes a lasting difference to them.

As with any friendship, romantic interest, or family relationship, the rewards taken from the experience are a sum of the efforts shared by all parties.  

If you’re not getting all that you need from your current business relationship, then maybe it’s time to consider a change. Connect with Infinity Brands for a fulfilling long-term partnership where we all live R.I.C.H.